Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ESGI SOFTWARE!!! (Educational Software For Guiding Instruction)

I am so excited to be using this new software that I felt I really had to share. On many of the teacher's groups I belong to there was a lot of talk about how wonderful ESGI software is. Of course I had to check it out. I've been using the free software for ParentConferences and the ClassManagementTools, and love them. The ClassManagementTools is one of those tools I'd rather not be without. I create all of my nameplates and cubby tags quickly, and easily with this software-but it offers much more.

Back to the ESGI software- SAVES TIME! Need I say more. I know we are all swamped with trying to keep up with paperwork and assessing. With ESGI assessing is paperless, simplified and my favorite part-the students don't see you recording "correct" or "incorrect" answers. It's amazing, but even if they can't read they know when we are marking an incorrect answer.

Check out the softward yourself, and download the free 60 day trial by clicking the ESGI logo.  I'm in the processing of working out a giveaway on my blog from ESGI. Stay posted for more info on how to win!
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  1. I'm using the free 60 days of ESGI too -- getting a quick assessment of alphabet knowledge on the first day of school was never so quick and easy -- and fun. I love having that baseline so I can show how much progress they will make!

  2. I've been using ESGI for about three years now and can't imagine doing without it! I love the way I can create and customize tests to fit my needs. It is a fantastic tool and Mr. Gorman's customer service is outstanding! He's always just an e-mail or a phone call away if you need assistance. We use it as part of our quarterly report to parents, as well as documentation for RTI progress. I just can't say enough positive things about it!
    Charme' McCabe
    Shawnee Early Childhood Center

  3. I have been using ESGI for a 6 months. I do love it and the tests that I have created! I need help - I cannot find the classroom Management Tools. Help! I want to use this site for more than just testing! Thanks!