Saturday, April 21, 2012

Counting Down til the End of the Year!

I can't believe we are already 20 + days away from the end of the year! Seems like the year flew by -but I guess we always say that don't we?
We'll be getting ready for our End of Year Celebrations, practicing songs, and having our special T-Shirts printed.
 At the end of the year I put together a little memory book filled with pages that mark some starting points for kindergarten.
 I also give each student a Mr. Goodbar Candy Bar Award. Super cute and something for everyone.
Check out more about these end of year time savers here:

Friday, April 20, 2012

In The Rain With Baby Duck

Hi Blogger Friends!
 Have you been as busy as I've been? We're ramping up to begin CCSS next year so it feels like I'm working on this year and next year at once. Lots of new and exciting plans coming up though.
  Next week we'll be reviewing story elements and reading In The Rain With Baby Duck by Amy Hest. It's a really cute book, but there were no related activities in cyberland. So I created a unit with twenty different comprehension questions, a Build-A-Sentence Center (which my kids LOVE!),  couple of journal prompts and a cute Color By Sight Word page.
 If you haven't seen this book, check it out-great for this time of year. I also have a Raindbows and Raindrops Literacy and Math Unit on my TPT store. It's filled with April themed Write The Room Activites and small readers for your kids.

Let me know what you think if you check them out! Click on each picture to see more information.