Friday, September 30, 2011

Shapes Are Everywhere!

We've been working on shapes the past two weeks in my class. One of the other kindergarten teachers I work with came up with a cute idea that I used today. She filled a birthday bag with party "supplies".  I sat down and  began telling a story about a birthday party I was planning for my friend. First I took out the balloon-and told the children I had bought balloons for my friends party, then the party hat-because you have to have party hats at a birthday party, ice cream cone, and sprinkles...etc. After hyping up each item I also asked students to tell me what shape it was. After we had gone through all of the items in the bag I explained that shapes are everywhere. (You could use other items such as a can of frosting, a box of cake mix, etc.)
We then proceeded to sort the pieces in my Shapes Are All Around Us Pocket Chart Sort found here.   I ran mine on  Avery 3270 Magnetic Sheets. 
Here's a picture of the Birthday Bag! It was such a fun, practical way to demonstrate shapes to my class. Hope your class enjoys this too.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ESGI SOFTWARE!!! (Educational Software For Guiding Instruction)

I am so excited to be using this new software that I felt I really had to share. On many of the teacher's groups I belong to there was a lot of talk about how wonderful ESGI software is. Of course I had to check it out. I've been using the free software for ParentConferences and the ClassManagementTools, and love them. The ClassManagementTools is one of those tools I'd rather not be without. I create all of my nameplates and cubby tags quickly, and easily with this software-but it offers much more.

Back to the ESGI software- SAVES TIME! Need I say more. I know we are all swamped with trying to keep up with paperwork and assessing. With ESGI assessing is paperless, simplified and my favorite part-the students don't see you recording "correct" or "incorrect" answers. It's amazing, but even if they can't read they know when we are marking an incorrect answer.

Check out the softward yourself, and download the free 60 day trial by clicking the ESGI logo.  I'm in the processing of working out a giveaway on my blog from ESGI. Stay posted for more info on how to win!
Click here to

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rules, Rules!

We've been creating our classroom rules this week and reading stories to reinforce them. I came across a book that we made a couple of years ago. Do I Go To Your School  I spiral bound mine at the top. It's a great book to reinforce manners and helpfulness in your room too. Click on the title to get your FREE copy.