Friday, September 30, 2011

Shapes Are Everywhere!

We've been working on shapes the past two weeks in my class. One of the other kindergarten teachers I work with came up with a cute idea that I used today. She filled a birthday bag with party "supplies".  I sat down and  began telling a story about a birthday party I was planning for my friend. First I took out the balloon-and told the children I had bought balloons for my friends party, then the party hat-because you have to have party hats at a birthday party, ice cream cone, and sprinkles...etc. After hyping up each item I also asked students to tell me what shape it was. After we had gone through all of the items in the bag I explained that shapes are everywhere. (You could use other items such as a can of frosting, a box of cake mix, etc.)
We then proceeded to sort the pieces in my Shapes Are All Around Us Pocket Chart Sort found here.   I ran mine on  Avery 3270 Magnetic Sheets. 
Here's a picture of the Birthday Bag! It was such a fun, practical way to demonstrate shapes to my class. Hope your class enjoys this too.

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